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Friday, 2 December 2011

Grumpy old Gits

Grumpy old Gits,piss off

I made my wife promise me that she would shoot me
if ever I got this bad,this she did gladly.[with a

Grey old men with stubby face
Bad fitting teeth, when in place
Grumpy old gits with Victorian ways
Who curse and jabber in their waking days

"Get off my lawn" you hear him rasp
Should a child’s ball land on his grass
"You miserable git the young ones shout
Which makes old stubble chin dance about

"Ill tell your parents what you've done"
As he waves his Zimmer at the little ones
"If I was them I would spank your bum"
As he stumbles and mumbles after one

"How much is that?" the old git says
When out shopping with his pension pay
"Fifty pence for a loaf of bread!!!!"
"You must be joking" in a rumbling rasp
"You can stick your loaf up your arse"

"Just look at that" you hear him say
Should a gorgeous woman pass his way
"You dirty old git" the young girl says
Wiggling her bum at his lecherous gaze

Never wrong when he states his views
Always better than me and you
Will always argue till the cows come home
Black is White or the Earth is flat
The silly old git will argue with that

"What’s his name?"I hear you say
Will, Tom, Phill, Dick
Make your choice, you take a pick
You put the name to that Grumpy Old Git

Peter (Grizzly) Wicks

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