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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Down lifes Highway

Down life’s Highway

To love each other, is the only way
In a world full of horror, every hour, every day
Love one and other, with hugs and a kiss
This gentle gesture that no one would miss

Give loving words, straight from your heart
Tenderness and caring every new day you start
Cherish the memories of departed friends
Open a fresh page, deep in your heart

Inscribe it with love, of the life that they had
Their memories are safe and will never depart
Clasp the hands of the lonely ones
Fill them with love, like a summer’s sun

Don't cross the road when a beggar you meet
Give generously to them, the food they may eat
Care for each other, each hour of each day
For this feeling is catching
Down Life's Highway

Peter Wicks, I care


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