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Saturday, 26 November 2011

A ticking generic time bomb

A ticking generic time bomb            
                Think of the Kids

            Do you remember days of old
            When “courting” your girl
            Was the way it was done
            “Nookie“ was the forbidden one....

            But now it’s one drink and off to bed
            Give me the days of the faithful wife
            We respected the one we would wed
            When marriage was for all of your life....

            Lust is now the name of the game
            Love vanished as old fashioned ways
            Single mums with a string of kids
            Unknown fathers on one night stands
            “Up the duff” for a council house
            A “bun in the oven” and it’s done
            Get your perks from
            We tax paying bums......

            But a time bomb is ticking away
            As these kids grow up to bonk one day
            Was that my cousin I shagged last night?
            Or my uncles brother or my mother’s dad?
            The biggest fuck up this world has seen
            As inbreeding so becomes firkin rife
            You don’t know who your dad is
            Or that tart was not his wife....

            So future kids that come this way
            Must be tested for their DNA
            Or the world of defective children
            Are here to stay.....

            Peter the Radical one


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