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Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Global Warming

In a secret leaked government
Brown paper, a committee of
Cross party MPs have come up
With a eye-watering idea of how
We can halt global warming
The very thought of it makes
My eyes water,

To save our Planet
We must trap our farts
We must wear
A gasbag on our backs
All farts exhausted
MUST be trapped

We will have a pipe
Stuck up our bums
And this must be worn

When you go to bed
Or have a bath
You must have this pipe
Up your arse

Cheating the the rules
Is NOT aloud
For fart smelling dogs
Are on the prowl

This inflammable gas
Will heat our homes
And power our cars
When we want to roam

We must eat baked beans
By the bucket load
Be sure to empty your bag

The National Grid
For Discharged Farts
Will empty our bags
For a fresh new start

So tuck in well
To your baked bean snacks
And fill that gasbag on your backs.

Peter "Stinker" Wicks(It’s a true story,lol)

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