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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Sitting on his hands

                                 Sitting on his hands

So the Labour Party is still navel gazing, the pillocks  are sitting on their poxy hands whilst their party members are burning on the Tory stake of the dole queue. It seems a pointless exercise of flagging up members views on this blog, cos the monolithic machine of the union takes no notice of its members concerns, just like the Labour Party that thousands like me and my wife have re-joined in the hope that they have come down from the other planet they inhabit and re-engage with those who put their back-sides on plush green seats in Parliament. We are not prepared to follow Ed into oblivion if we have this shower in power for five years, ye gods I have seen some wimp leaders of our Labour party in my 74 years on this Earth, but Ed Miliband is fast becoming the biggest that has come our way, may I suggest this to Ed as a way of improving his game play. ATTACK ATTACK  ATTACK, never wait for the enemy to come to YOU, if it falls, kick it until it backs off but don't sit there like a wimps.

Footnote:this was written for my Union(Unite) in the vain hope that they would kick Ed Milibands arse and get him off of that poxy fence he is sitting on....sorry to say that just like all of our other union leaders this one is also looking for a fucking knighthood for licking Eds poxy shoes and keeping the million members in check.... 

Peter Wicks

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