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Friday, 25 November 2011

The one eyed God

The one eyed God
Ti’s Odin the one eyed God
Who gave his eye
So he could see
The wisdom and magic
In poetry....

And Thor
The God of thunder
Heaven created
Tempest storms
Gloves of iron
And the hammer of Thor
Battling  with the giants
In the tempest hail
Till forked lighting
From his gloves
He did avail......

Then Loki
The mischievous one
Blood brother of Odin
But a wizard of lies
He lived in Asgard
Along with Thor
Using his strength
To gain entrance of
Many a forbidden door.........

Norse Gods are many
Of pre-Christian times
Legends of the Gods
And their mysterious deeds
That pre date the bible
Which so many believe.....

Valhalla the hall of the slain
You see The Valkyries ride
Their armour so bright
Carrying off slain warriors
To Valhalla’s halls of might....  
Peter Odin Wicks

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