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Monday, 21 November 2011

Not for Sale

Not for Sale

This Earth of ours
Is not for Sale
Your greedy ways
Will not prevail

We make you rich
Beyond your needs
Then you pretend
Your deaf
To our dire pleads

But we, the people
Of this Earth
Will not surrender
To your global wealth

You can't pollute
The air we breath
You can't rape
This Earth of trees

You do not own
The Sun that seeds
Or the Sea
That breeds
The fish we eat
Or the very soil
Beneath our feet

We are the people
Who make the rules
Not you bloated
Corporate fools

The day of judgement
Is on its way
When the peoples of Earth
Will have their say

They will strip you NAKED
For all to see
The fat bloated bellies
Of corporate GREED

Peter Wicks 3/3/2003

Footnote: I wrote this poem whilst working as a part time security guard for a massive department store in Britain and believe me what I witnessed in their giant warehouses made me sick.Everything was imported from all over the world and NOTHING was from my native country of Britain....this represents a cut in the workforce in countries in the western world and a increase in the slave waged countries of the far east....and a massive increase of profits for corporate pigs.... 

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