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Friday, 18 November 2011

Mrs Brown

                                  Mrs. Brown has Guinea Worm Fever

                       I see Mrs.  Brown
                       Has Guinea Worm Fever
                       And her husband
                       Is going blind with Trachoma
                       They say a deadly
                       Mosquito plague
                       Is at our doors
                       But Malaria or Dengue fever
                       Don't bother me anymore

                       This is Africa

                        Poor Mr.  Jones is riddled
                        With Leprosy and his kids
                        Are dying with the deadly
                        Ebola bleeding disease
                        Shame his wife is sick
                        With Cholera
                        Or is it Yellow Fever?
                        Both are as common
                        As chalk and cheese

                         This is Africa

                        Tuberculosis is rife
                        It killed Mr. Green
                        And his wife
                        Their kids went sick
                        With Diarrhea
                        Or was it Dysentery?
                        Passing blood instead
                        Of stools they never will
                        Go back to school

                        This is Africa

                        Mind you, we've seen worse
                       With Polio and rampant AID'S
                       Sand Fly Fever with the threat of SAR's
                       And Elephantiasis
                       That made the Johnson's
                       Twins limbs so enlarged

                        This is Africa

                        We had a dose of Whooping Cough
                        An outbreak of Measles to
                        But not as bad as Marburg Fever
                        And that Tetanus
                        Bye the gods, that killed quite a few

                         This is Africa

                        This puts us all to shame
                        How dare WE COMPLAIN?
                        When we suffer a dose of flu
                        Put yourselves in Africa’s place
                        See if these deadly diseases
                        Would kill off you

                        Peter Wicks 2007

As you can read….this was written some four years ago….fuck all has  changed…African  kids are still dying in their millions..and who gives a shit?

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